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You may have stumbled upon this page wondering what a man like me could possibly communicate via the written word that I haven’t already injected into the voids of social media or worn off the ears of my friends. In truth, I am not entirely sure myself – but if I finally commit to my own deceived notions of what it means to be a writer, I might as well have a platform to publish my over-articulated nonsense that isn’t the confines of Twitter’s character count or the echo-y circular narratives of Facebook and its false sense of privacy among friends, coworkers, and family.

While I reserve the right to reflect on my acting career via the literary medium, there’s a “whole other place for that”. As illustrated by the words written in large font at the top of this page, this platform serves as an authorblog (for whenever is the time that I or the world considers me an author, likely whenever I publish a novel, a memoir, or both), a place for serials (generally fictional), and commentary (my nonfictional opinions on anything and everything, mostly fictional works of art whatever the medium).

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