New Year, New Dungeons

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The majority of this is backdated 12/31/22 (slightly edited 01/01/23)

#dungeon23. 1 Level per Month. 1 Theme per Week. 1 Room per Day.

The basic concept of the dungeon23 challenge is NaNoWriMo for creators who like games with dungeons, dice, and everything nice saving dragons from evil princesses. For me, the heart of #dungeon23 is to encourage the act of creation. But like NaNoWriMo, it is the nature of humans to invent little challenges of time over output for artistic endeavors. We gamify the habits we wish to cultivate within ourselves. To reclaim our humanity from an overly structured, output-driven, profit-seeking world, we embark on small exercises of discipline. A box of trackable progress, shaping inspiration into expression.

That why I gravitated to #dungeon23. I wanted to get out of the circular cerebral prison I built inside my head. Put pen to paper, fingers to keys, and create.

Back to #dungeon23. I pulled out old notes on my megadungeon open table campaign I explored earlier last year and I’m starting again from scratch.

Castle Llyn Dulyn

The stronghold of the Black Lake looks out over the town of Caegwell, its moss covered walls fading against the backdrop of rolling hills and a wide, eerie lake of dark water. The tower windows veiled in fog, the mangled body of a wyvern in front of the south facing gate. In the castle depth are the lairs of √Čber, the Harkosseans, and fey lords of past and future. Prophecies stir, treasure maps circulate on market day, and a winter’s tourney awaits.

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